Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities 2024

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We're excited to present HappyCow's 2024 update to our Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities List. Since our last update in November 2022, the landscape of vegan dining has evolved significantly. This year's list features newcomers as well as some familiar faces. Although there's a slight decrease in the number of exclusively vegan restaurants in certain cities, the overall availability of vegan options has impressively increased. This trend reflects a growing global awareness and acceptance of veganism – a shift we're thrilled to observe!

This list is determined using the following criteria from HappyCow's exclusive global database:

  • Number of fully vegan restaurants within the city center
  • Number of fully vegan businesses (including shops, bakeries, cafés, B&Bs etc.)
  • Number of all restaurants (vegan, vegetarian, veg-friendly) listed on HappyCow in the city
  • Density of vegan businesses per capita
  • The growth of vegan businesses since our last report
  • A qualitative evaluation from TeamCow, such as how easy it is to find vegan options, how well veganism is understood, and how active the vegan community is, among other factors.

This report focuses on cities that demonstrate outstanding awareness and understanding of the vegan movement. It targets cities with a diverse range of businesses committed to catering to vegan diners and ensuring easy access to vegan food and lifestyle products.

Intrigued to learn more? Given your love for travel and delicious vegan food, we're excited to present our 2024 Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities List.

#1 London

Photo from Pastan Barbican by

Photo from Pastan Barbican by

London continues to hold the top spot in the global vegan scene, despite a 22% decrease in total vegan business count since our previous report in 2022. Central London currently has 161 fully vegan restaurants, over 350 fully vegan establishments (including but not limited to restaurants), and 1,997 listings in total on HappyCow! Veganism continues to become a mainstream lifestyle in London, and this city takes veganism to a new level.

Some of the latest additions to London’s vegan scene (as of 2023) include BOBA NA BABA, which is London’s first Bulgarian vegan spot, Benji’s Buns for amazing vegan cinnamon buns in various flavours, Moko for Afro-Caribbean vegan 'soul food' in a listening bar, En Root for Indian and Caribbean fusion cuisine, and Ramen Impossible for some of the most-loved vegan ramen (offered as a summer-long pop up).

If you’re looking for plant-based fine dining, there’s Gauthier Soho with an 8-course vegan tasting menu, and Farmacy with modern, farm-to-table fusion cuisine. For more affordable grabs, don’t miss some of the hot spots like Club Mexicana, Mood Cafe, Beza Ethiopian Food, and What The Pitta.

Want to explore some unique vegan spots in London? The UK's first vegan cheese shop La Fauxmagerie continues to stock some of the finest plant-based cheeses. Pipoca Zero Waste Store is an eco-friendly bulk food shop and attached to it is their vegan crepe restaurant. Tina’s Box is a new market vendor offering vegan Colombian street foods, Cream Dream serves up the finest Ukrainian vegan pastries, and Greener Habits is an all-vegan, zero waste, plastic-free shop for all your grocery needs!

The word “vegan” can be seen all over the city, on the streets and in the tube stations, and there are so many vegan events in London now that it can be a challenge to keep up. With the incredible number of superb vegan restaurants, the number and quality of vegan events, and the sheer number of vegan products that can be found at mainstream stores, London, England remains our top pick for the world's most vegan-friendly city.

#2 Berlin

Photo from Taverna Athene by @nogodsjustwriters

Photo from Taverna Athene by @nogodsjustwriters

Berliners are more familiar than ever with the widely accepted and practised vegan lifestyle, and it is incredibly simple to find options throughout this progressive city. The post-covid uptick in the vegan scene in Berlin has continued, with a 21% growth in the number of vegan businesses and a 34% growth in vegan-friendly listings on HappyCow. Berlin remains one of the most thriving vegan-friendly cities! The number of vegan restaurants within Berlin’s city center currently stands at 124. Berlin now has 209 fully vegan establishments (including but not limited to restaurants) and 1,656 listings in the city on HappyCow!

If you’re in Berlin, go show some love to these NEW vegan restaurants that have opened in 2023: Doen Doen Kebap serving all-vegan döner kebap, yufka, baklava, ayran, and more. Vegan Haus, an Asian restaurant offering dishes from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. Grado Babo, a small, fully vegan Italian restaurant offering antipasti with vegan cheese. Emira, offering a wide range of sushi rolls with mock fish as well as other traditional Japanese dishes. There is an abundance of new vegan spots in Berlin!

If you’re seeking all-vegan fine dining venues in the city, you should know about Oukan Dining, featuring a 7-course and 5-course menu inspired by Buddhist temple food. Fine diners also love FREA, the zero-waste and vegan Michelin Green Star restaurant, and Kopps, a popular fine dining venue offering a 5 course prix fixe vegan menu. On the other end of the price scale, there are places like Lunasol, Anh Dao, and of course – Yoyo Foodworld, a decade-old classic, considered the oldest vegan fast-food restaurant in Germany.

To explore some unique vegan spots/happenings in Berlin, check out The Green Market Berlin - they host 100% vegan street food markets! Soi & Co is a vegan soy concept cafe and pastry shop. Dr. Pogo is a vegan shop well-stocked with groceries, cosmetics, textiles and literature - all at fair prices too. Vegan Gyros is a food truck specialising in vegan gyros and pitas with fresh salad, and TocToc is another food truck serving up vegan Asian street food!

Berlin's vegan scene continues to thrive and expand, and it's an awesome place to visit as a hungry vegan!

#3 Barcelona

Photo from Morgentau. by @Fruzsi

Photo from Morgentau. by @Fruzsi

When it comes to vegan-friendliness, Barcelona is arguably the fastest growing city on this list! We’ve seen a striking 173% growth in the number of vegan-friendly businesses in this city since our previous report back in 2022. Barcelona has now reached a milestone of 58 fully vegan restaurants (within the city center), 116 vegan businesses (including but not limited to restaurants), and 894 vegan-friendly listings in total on HappyCow!

There is a wealth of newly-opened vegan establishments in this city, all offering a diverse array of culinary delights. As of 2023, some of the new spots include La Galla Tasca Vegana, a tavern serving shareable tapas, burgers, pizza and traditional Spanish dishes, Botànic, an all-day open kitchen with healthy vegan food, and Pastan Barcelona, the UK chain’s latest location in sunny Barcelona.

Looking for some of the top upscale venues? You should know about the hidden gem Age of Aquarius, a Spanish and sushi restaurant with rave reviews. Barcelona has innumerable more affordable vegan places like Vegan Cat Bar, La Raposa del Poble Sec, The Vegan Corner, La Petita Vegana, and Ruta 42.

As for rare vegan finds – La Capritxeria is an all-vegan sweet shop with a range of jellies, and Seventy Barcelona is a spa with exclusively vegan products! If you’re looking for 100% vegan stores, you have Vegacolena, Vegans & Bio, V Market, and the newly-opened El Vegans Hospitalet. We must also mention Grey Street - an all-vegan, ethical gift shop supporting Barcelona's local art and design movement.

Given the density of vegan businesses within this relatively compact city, we’re impressed with how veganism is manifesting all across Barcelona.

#4 Amsterdam

Photo from SOIL Vegan Cafe by @genevieveporter_photography

Photo from SOIL Vegan Cafe by @genevieveporter_photography

In the period since our previous report, Amsterdam's vegan landscape has maintained a steady course, with figures remaining largely unchanged. While teetering on the brink of stagnation, the city proudly retains its position in our top 10 list for the current year, owing to its high density of vegan establishments per capita. The number of vegan restaurants within Amsterdam’s city center currently stands at 67, and there are now 107 fully vegan establishments and a total of 802 business listings on HappyCow.

As of 2023, Amsterdam has welcomed some great new additions to its vegan food scene. Check out the vegan pop up KOOL for a changing, mixed-cuisine brunch menu, Have a Roll for some of the freshest of cinnamon rolls, Saint-Jean Deli for more freshly house-made croissants, buns, pastries and more, and Primo Pasta Amsterdam for some top notch pasta made by two Italian cousins!

If you’re seeking an exquisite plant-based fine dining experience, look no further than Bonboon where you can get a delicious four-course or five-course menu. The Meets is another venue for beautiful vegan food with finesse. On the other hand, something quintessentially “Amsterdam-y” are the vegan squat kitchens, which offer very minimally-priced meals, cooked by volunteers – take a look at De Sering, MKZ, Robin Food, and Joe's Garage. Other types of affordable spots include Abu Amr Koshari, and Maoz (with several branches).

Want to visit some unique vegan spots in Amsterdam? Check out Little Plant Pantry, a vegan cafe and zero-waste wholefood store that stocks vegan cheeses, cosmetics, and more. Don’t miss the brand new Tea Stories weekend pop up where you can enjoy a vegan high tea as well as a range of vegan bubble tea. Add VEGA-LIFE to your list of must-visit spots as this shop stocks all kinds of vegan essentials!

We can see that the vegan scene in Amsterdam is flourishing and constantly growing, making it a fantastic destination for plant-based foodies.

#5 Hamburg

Photo from An Vegan House by @anveganhouse

Photo from An Vegan House by @anveganhousey

Hamburg makes its debut on the 2024 list of the world's most vegan-friendly cities. The second of two German cities on the Top 10 list has seen a surprising 55% growth in the number of vegan businesses in the last year! With a total of 56 all-vegan restaurants, 99 vegan businesses including but not limited to restaurants, and 1,009 listings on HappyCow within the city center, this city is becoming an increasingly popular destination for vegan foodies.

Some of the latest additions to the vegan food scene in Hamburg (as of 2023) include Gustav Grün, the healthy vegan chain’s seventh outlet in Germany, Apple & Eve, a new spot serving up burgers, kebabs, schnitzel & salads, Sour Kitchen, a Turkish restaurant offering custom wraps with only vegan toppings, and Kjeks, the third location of this vegan cake shop with over 20 flavours of vegan donuts and cupcakes.

For a top-end dining experience, visit Citta Vegan Izakaya for vegan Japanese delicacies, Bao Bao for Vietnamese food, and Vistro for some of the most-loved vegan pizza in Hamburg. On the other hand, you can find very affordable quick eats at places like VegAnja (food truck), Cafe Koppel, and Greentable.

For some of the rarer finds in Hamburg, check out Katzentempel, the all-vegan “Temple of Cats” which operates cat cafés not just in Hamburg but all across Germany, where diners can enjoy the company of rescue cats. Kurkuma is a vegan culinary school offering cooking courses, Muttels Unverpackt is a vegan store selling healthy & bulk goods, Gogo is a shop-in-shop concept selling to-go vegan poke bowls, and Schnittstube Verde is a 100% vegan hair salon.

Hamburg is a growing hub not only for creative plant foods but for veganism on the whole!

#6 Portland

Photo from Fortune by @nogodsjustwriters

Photo from Fortune by @nogodsjustwriters

Portland reclaims its spot on the 2024 list of the world's most vegan-friendly cities after narrowly missing the mark in our previous roundup! With 53 all-vegan restaurants, 102 vegan businesses, and 574 listings on HappyCow within the city center, this city has consistently stood out as one of the key vegan hubs in the United States. In relation to its population, it claims the top spot on this list for the highest density of vegan establishments.

Some of the latest additions to the vegan food scene in Portland (as of 2023) include June, a fully vegan cocktail resto-bar, XO Bar, a tropical-themed bar and restaurant serving Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine, The Exquisite Creatures Coffee, a plant-based artisan coffee shop, and Chubby Bunny, a vegan food truck serving breakfast sandwiches.

For an upscale dining experience, visit the new spot Feral for their rotating menu of small plates specialising in foraged and wild food. For a casual family dining experience, visit Vertical Diner. You can also find very affordable quick eats at places like Speed-o Cappuccino, Walk the Wok, and Daily Fuel.

Want to escape the buzz and find some of the hidden gems? Stop by the food truck El Salto PDX to try their vegan Venezuelan comfort foods! Try the all-vegan conchas, tamales and more at the new La Casa de Mamá, a family-operated vegan Mexican panadería. Ice Queen has plant-based paletas and popsicles, The Realm Refillery offers package-free all-vegan groceries, Vtopian Cheese Shop stocks all your favourite artisanal vegan cheeses, and Baby Ketten Klub is a vegan karaoke bar!

Portland remains a thriving vegan destination, offering a diverse range of experiences for those following a plant-based lifestyle.

#7 Los Angeles

Photo from Planta by @planta

Photo from Planta by @planta

Los Angeles has consistently remained on our list of Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities as it’s an ever-evolving vegan mecca. Despite the 27% decline in the number of vegan businesses since the previous report, it still remains a strong vegan city with vibrant, regular events and an abundance of vegan-friendly consumer options. Central LA currently boasts 61 fully vegan restaurants, 145 vegan businesses of various types, and 652 vegan-friendly listings in total on HappyCow.

Numerous new vegan establishments have emerged in LA! If you find yourself in this city, go show some love to the latest spots that have opened in 2023: Ubuntu, a vegan West African restaurant serving plant-based twists on traditional classics. The Moody Vegan, an all-vegan bakery and cafe. The fourth and latest branch of Hart House, the fully vegan fast-food chain founded by Kevin Hart. These are but a few among many new places that have opened up lately!

To indulge in some elevated and luxurious plant-based cuisine, make sure to dine at Shojin, Crossroads Kitchen, and Gracias Madre. In the budget-friendly range, there are places like Señoreata, Malinalli Superfoods, Nachaii, and Cena Vegan that will not disappoint!

Let’s explore some unique things to do as a vegan in Los Angeles! Justine’s Wine Bar is a fully vegan wine bar with a creative food menu and cosy vibes, Vegan Playground, The Vegan Exchange are some of the regular vegan festivals and markets, Blue District is a cruelty-free footwear and accessories shop for women, Besties Vegan Paradise is a vegan general store with an in-house vegan soft-serve machine, and Magik Milk is a top-rated vegan boba shop! All are amazing spots to visit.

Although these options are spread out over a large area of the city, it's no wonder why LA is often referred to as a vegan haven.

#8 Paris

Photo from Jo and Nana Cakes by @foodphoto_addicted

Photo from Jo and Nana Cakes by @foodphoto_addicted

Paris reclaims its spot on the 2024 list of the world's most vegan-friendly cities! With 90 all-vegan restaurants, 160 vegan businesses including but not limited to restaurants, and 1,010 listings on HappyCow within the city center (that’s a 13% increase in the last year), this city is undoubtedly more vegan-friendly than ever before!

Some of the latest additions to the vegan food scene in Paris (as of 2023) include Copper Branch, the Canadian chain’s seventh outlet in France, Bloom Sushi, the second branch of France's first vegan sushi restaurant, and Giardino Paris | L'Atelier, a fully plant-based French pastry shop.

For an upscale dining experience, visit brEAThe Restaurant for a variety of Japanese and Asian-inspired dishes, Faubourg Daimant for its seasonal fusion cuisine, and Le Potager du Marais for vegan versions of local French cuisine. On the other hand, you can find very affordable quick eats at places like Maoz, Spirulina, and Bodhi Vegan.

Paris also has hidden gems you should know about as a vegan! Check out Graines Du Jour, a plant-based dairy shop with a fixed lunch set, La Maison du Mochi, a new, all-vegan mochi store, Mon Epicerie Paris, a vegan retail shop, Les Belles Plantes, a vegan salon, and Ara Chocolate for all things chocolate.

The plant-based food scene in Paris continues to evolve, reflecting a growing awareness of the vegan lifestyle. The ever-increasing number of innovative restaurants, cafes, and shops offering diverse and delectable cruelty-free options appeals to both locals and visitors alike.

#9 Bangkok

Photo from Golden State Vegan Sushi Bar by

Photo from Golden State Vegan Sushi Bar by

You haven't had truly amazing Thai vegan food until you have eaten in the ‘land of smiles’! Given the 12% increase in the number of vegan businesses and 17% increase in the number of vegan-friendly options in Bangkok, as well as the abundance of fresh food everywhere, this has become an incredible city for vegans. Bangkok has hit a milestone of 100 all-vegan restaurants! There are now 145 vegan businesses (including non-restaurant business types) and 588 vegan-friendly listings in Bangkok on HappyCow.

As of 2023, some of the new spots include: UFO Rooftop Bar & Dining, a modern vegan bar and restaurant, V Street Empire, an Asian street food fusion eatery, and Kynd Kulture, a plant-based cafe in a vegan community space.

Fine dining options in Bangkok are plentiful – from Vegan Mahanakhon, a new spot in town serving authentic Thai dishes to Pranaa Food for Life, a fine dining venue with a forward-thinking, fusion menu, and Tonklar Facai which has long been regarded as one of the top dining venues for vegans. Bangkok is home to numerous upscale establishments, but it is also a city abundant with budget-friendly, high-quality vegan food options, offered in various corners of the city. May Veggie Home Express, Youta Vegan Foods, Khrua J St. Louis, Kaek Kao Kua, and Lee Jae Veg are such eateries you can explore for some of the best local cuisine!

Bangkok is also filled with several hidden gems! In the heart of the city is an all-vegan B&B Na Vayla PaPlern Hotel, which also has a vegan restaurant. Just a walk away from the vibrant Chatuchak market, you’ll find the Vegetarian Society, a vegan food court! At All Vegan Dumplings, you can get a range of homemade vegan dumplings, and, at EKM6, you’ll find a plant-based community space with a monthly market, plant-based cafe, and grocery store.

Bangkok's vibrant vegan landscape is in full bloom and ever-evolving, establishing itself as an ideal haven for local vegans and travellers alike!

#10 Lisbon

Photo from Ao 26 - Vegan Food Project by @26veganfoodproject

Photo from Ao 26 - Vegan Food Project by @26veganfoodproject

The rapidly-increasing focus on a healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle in this bustling city has made it feature on this list for the first time. Lisbon has come a long way, and tops the list for the highest density of vegan food choices within the city center, establishing itself as one of the most accessible cities for vegan cuisine. Within this area, Lisbon has 37 all-vegan restaurants, 74 vegan businesses, and 525 vegan-friendly businesses listed on HappyCow.

When in Lisbon, make sure to explore and support some of the fresh vegan venues that debuted in 2023. Giulietta is a fully vegan Italian restaurant and pizzeria, Veganapati features Indian-fusion vegan junk food, and Flora Doce has delicious vegan sweet treats.

For a taste of sophisticated plant-based fare, be sure to savour a meal at Orteá - Vegan Collective, Legumi Sushi, or The Food Temple. For budget-friendly eats, some options include Tataoim, a vegan Brazilian bistro, Mr. Vegan, serving vegan versions of traditional Portuguese dishes, and Spill the Greens, an all-vegan takeaway.

Looking for some offbeat things to do in Lisbon? Join a vegan cooking workshop at Solo, get your vegan shopping done at Green Beans and unwind at their little cafe at the back, pamper yourself at Z Vegan Hair Concept where only cruelty-free and vegan products are used, or get your hands on the traditional Portuguese vegan Nata at the Vegannata bakery!

Lisbon's ever-growing awareness of veganism and its exciting food scene is solidifying its position as an optimal destination for vegan locals as well as travellers!

Examining the data from the 10 selected cities, we observe a consistent and notable rise in vegan-friendly listings (+31%), while the average growth in the number of fully vegan listings is relatively modest (+4%). It's noteworthy that several European cities are expanding their vegan offerings, with 2 new additions to this year’s list. 6 out of the 10 cities are situated in Europe, and 6 out of the 10 cities from our previous report have managed to hold onto their spots in the top 10, underscoring the enduring presence of the vegan movement. Specifically, Barcelona and Hamburg have seen a significant uptick in the number of vegan restaurants in 2023. Additionally, in Barcelona, Berlin, and Lisbon, there's been a substantial increase in vegan-friendly venues on HappyCow, each one marking an increase of over 30% throughout the year.

Conversely, London, Berlin, Portland, LA, and Lisbon faced a decline in the number of vegan restaurants, with London and LA experiencing over 30% decrease. Despite the dip, these cities have maintained their high accessibility to vegan products, a supportive vegan community, as well as various vegan events and happenings. While a number of small, vegan-only businesses may be facing some hurdles, the overall trend indicates an ever-growing mainstream acceptance of veganism.

The common thread amongst the Top 10 Vegan-Friendly cities featured on the list is a deeper awareness and robust support for the vegan movement, reflected in the growing number of businesses dedicated to serving vegan diners and ensuring easy access to vegan products. This report doesn't touch on the vegan-friendly aspect of many South and Southeast Asian Countries whose cuisines feature numerous vegan dishes by default, but many of these cities are recognized as runners-up for their contribution to the vegan landscape. It's encouraging to observe the increasing awareness in these Asian cities, indicating a positive shift towards embracing veganism.

These near contenders hold positions 11 through 20:

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