Vegan-owned guesthouse in a rural area offering 3 rooms (each with a double bed), facilities to shower, and to use the outdoor barbecue. Call or email to for details. Open Mon-Sun 09:00-21:00.

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First Review by Anarchocyclist


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13 May 2024

Fantastic location, nice colour of house we stayed in.

Gazeboo and benches to sit around and meditate.
The host had made everything ready for us.
The surroundings (if you have car/bike) are amazing.
Besides nature you have ex-Yougoslavia in the vincinity.

Updated from previous review on 2024-05-13

Pros: Different brakfast every morning, Excellent board game, Happy Chap!

Cons: Too cold to go swimming ( too early for us), Too happy Chap!


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10 May 2024

Great Stay

We stayed here for 1 night and had a wonderful time. Jon was very kind and shared his delicious home made food with us! He had some great tips for vegan restaurants in Zagreb which we visited the next day (they were extraordinary 🤩). Thank you for having us!

Pros: Hospitality, Great Food, Great tips for places to visit

jon active

10 May 2024

Thanx Claudia, Twas good to meet you two too! Glad you had a good time in Zagreb. Next time make time to check out the local sights and then I can feed you something other than burek!


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22 Oct 2023

Great Host

Very spontaneously we were able to stay at Jon’s house on our way back to Zagreb. Old school punk rocker and vegan host Jon is a great host and definitely a great source of knowledge when it comes to to punk and hardcore music history 😉 wish we would have had more time to stay. See you next time we are in Croatia!

Pros: Host, Location , Vegan food (hard to find in Croatia!)

jon active

22 Oct 2023

Hey Joel , it was good to meet you both and equally I enjoyed our reminiscing about the old days, gigs and the like. Next time I'll show you the local Partisan sites too. Thanx for your review!


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20 Jul 2023

High recommend

Absolutely fantastic place to stay. Jon, Sanja, and their two cats were great hosts. The environment was very warm and welcoming, and we got to see lots of local sites & monuments. Close to many areas for walking and exploring the local forests. If you’re headed nearby, we definitely recommend staying here! We actually extended out stay since we had such a great time. We’re glad we didn't miss out. Thanks for the good times! (Jaena and I say hi to everyone - and Pete!)

Pros: Everything

Cons: Didn't take enough photos

jon active

19 Aug 2023

Much appreciated Chloe, we're chuffed you chose to stay longer. Hope to see you again someday.


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14 Jun 2023

Vegan heaven

Amazing owner, apartment, landscape, cats and food 💚💚💚

jon active

19 Aug 2023

Thanx Renke, I will take your advice and list us on vegevisits too!


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21 Jun 2022

What is this place? This is (vegan) heaven!

Such a nice place to spend a night or several 😊 if you are lucky, they share some of their food with you, but it’s also perfect for bbqing on your own. Such a lovely place with beautiful sunrises 🥰

Updated from previous review on 2022-06-21

Pros: Lovely host, Wonderful nature, Very nice rooms 👌

Cons: Couldn’t stay longer :(

jon active

21 Jun 2022

Thanx for those kind words Adrian, it was a pleasure to have you here as well as quite a surprise when you two turned up on those huge bikes of yours! Stay upright! Practice your pool and come stay again with more tales of vegan deserts you have motorbiked through!


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02 Oct 2020

Vegan oasis in the middle of nowhere

We have been at Barabrith for two nights and really enjoyed our time there.
It was great to be surrounded by nature and this peaceful atmosphere.
Especially our tidy wooden room was comfortable.
The hosts were welcoming and very friendly which made us feel like we're at home😄Moreover, the food prepared by the hosts was simply delicious!
It was an honour for us to be able to try the vegan version of Barabrith which tasted excellent.
We had Burek with different fillings such as musrooms or various kinds of vegetables and nuts and we also had some tasty baked potatoes with nice filled peppers from their own garden.
All in all we can only recommend Jons Barabrith (both the cake and the accommodation).

Pros: Fully vegan , Recommendations for activities and restaurants, Reasonable price


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10 May 2020

Croatia’s countryside treasure!

I spent a week there in September 2019. What a blast! ❤️🙌🏾

The hosts are lovely, the place is calm and beautiful as expected. With some bespoken arrangements with the hosts, we organised a trip to a national park “nearby”, as well as pick up in a nearby station and meals, with vegetables from their garden! 🙏🏾🥰

The accommodation was neat, WiFi connection, private loo, great for enjoying some reading or exploring around.

I had one of the greatest times while getting to visit a new country!

Also, there is a cat and a dog there that are the cutest! I had a hard time saying good bye! :(


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17 Nov 2019


I had a really cool time at Barabrith. The place is a kind of oasis you don't expect to come across in the countryside of that region. It's an inspiring little DIY household with kind and generous people, whom I really enjoyed talking to. The older gentleman especially is just a bundle of laughs and joy! He's also a big collector of fun stuff, so if you're lucky, he might let you get a glimpse into his room, which is like a teenage dream come true! Our accommodation was nice and minimalist, pretty much perfect by my standards - a big comfortable bed in a room all covered in wood. Apart from an excellent choice of books, the kitchen offers all sorts of delights - sauces, spices, nuts, teas and plenty of other tasty stuff. Every day, our hosts made amazing meals for us, mostly using vegetables from their own garden. But the thrills do not end on the surface of the table! When you remove the tablecloth and lift the top, it turns into a pool table! Needless to say, on most evenings we stayed in the kitchen long after the dinner was over. As for having breakfast, I'd suggest the neat handmade gazebo in the yard, overlooking the incredibly silent forest, which we went walking through afterwards. You can pick some really nice mushrooms along the way and make your little contribution to lunch that way. One day, we bumped into a friendly neighbour removing a fallen tree from the forest path and he invited us to his house for some fine homemade rakija. My favourite adventure was cycling to the river. The water is unbelievably clean and the secluded, cozy little "beach" provides a really nice view. Our mischievous host thought of a great idea to entertain us - he tied a rope to a tree for swinging and jumping into the river! To strike a balance between monkeying around and some serious tourism, we went to check out the interesting bits of Partisan history in the vicinity. And to top it all off, we even got to see a punk show in Karlovac, since there was a festival going on.
For the entire week that I spent at Barabrith, I felt free from the shackles of stifling city life and got a whiff of an independent, creative way of living, that sustains itself through solidarity among all creatures involved.


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05 Oct 2019

First visit to Croatia

We stopped for a week here in September 2019 and really enjoyed the vegan food, the local knowledge and history willingly shared and walks and visits in the area.
The surroundings are very heavily wooded so good for heading out for a walk, finding nuts, fruits and fungi and for seeing where the local wild boar have been turning over the soil. Unless you want to have just a quiet retreat (listening to the ravens calling overhead) then you might want to hire bicycles or a car to explore further afield. We visited the remains of a Partisan Hospital hidden in the woods that was being restored, the wreck of the printers from the same era, limestone caves, went river swimming, went to flea markets (Karlovac and Zagreb), saw the bullet holed homes from the 90s war and large monuments partly stripped of shiny metal cladding. We will certainly go back again and look forward to seeing how the place's land and local food growing develops with the help of ideas and work from visitors prepared to muck in. We really felt welcome. The accommodation itself is basic but was clean, comfortable and had water, electric and wifi - everything we needed. We live in as rural a part of Scotland as this is a rural part of Croatia but think it would be a great place for those needing to get away from the noise, pollution and stresses associated with city life.

Pros: Great location, views and walks., Vegan food! :), Local knowledge.

Cons: Basic if you think you "need"lots of luxury.

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