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Chicago Magazine (Oct. 19, 2021) "Phone Eats First" ...Instead of scrolling through pages of online menus to find vegan and vegetarian options, type your location into Happy Cow, and the app will pump out a list of vegan or vegetarian restaurants nearby. Click on the app's Feed tab to find live reviews and recommendations of restaurants users are visiting in real time, including Edgewater's Alice & Friends' Vegan Kitchen or Austin's Vegan World Cafe... (link)

New York Times (MY TEN, May 25, 2021) "Tig Notaro, Action-Hero Heartthrob, Gets Her Blasts From the Past" There's this app called HappyCow, and you can find the nearest plant-based restaurant. (link)

CNN (Travel, Feb. 21, 2020) "World's best vegan restaurant?" We pay a visit to Tokyo's Saido restaurant, the world's highest-rated vegan eatery according to online database Happycow. (link)

Washington Post (Travel Perspective, Feb. 19, 2020) "Vacationing while vegan? Here’s a quick guide." Technology can help you track down vegan food quickly. One smartphone app, HappyCow, is consistently recommended by vegan travelers. It lists and rates vegan restaurants and grocery stores near you. (link)

The Guardian (World, Jan. 15, 2020) "How vegetarianism is going back to its roots in Africa" Happy Cow, an app that helps vegetarians and vegans find places to eat around the world, lists more than 900 restaurants with vegan options across Africa. (link)

Huffington Post (Life, Nov. 28, 2019) "Best Cities For Vegans Worldwide, Plus The Restaurants You Need To Try" ... HappyCow, a directory for vegan eateries, has revealed a list of the best cities around the world for those who don’t eat dairy or meat – as well the restaurants you need to try... (link)

Washington Post (Travel, Sept. 26, 2019) "Vegan travelers have more options than ever. Disney just raised the bar." ...HappyCow, an app and website that lists vegan dining options in 180 countries... (link)

CNN (Travel, September 24, 2019) "Disney's US theme parks are going vegan" ...Eric Brent, founder of the vegan dining guide HappyCow, was delighted at the expanded menu... (link)

Eye on LA, ABC (Food, Sept. 23, 2019) "Eye on L.A. goes on a vegan foodie adventure" ...Whether you're trying to find a vegan meal in your neighborhood or halfway around the world, HappyCow can take you there. Your smart phone just got a little smarter and a lot more helpful... (link)

Forbes (Food and Drink, Aug. 21, 2019) "Vegan Restaurants Are On The Rise" ...The website Happy Cow, which works like Yelp, but for vegan and vegetarian food, lists over 24,000 veg-friendly eateries in the United States, including 1,474 exclusively vegan restaurants.... (link)

New York Times (Travel, Aug. 4, 2018) "5 Simple Tips to Help Vegetarian or Vegan Travelers Eat Well, Anywhere" ...Rely on Technology: Happy Cow is a useful service for vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants all over the world, in both urban and more remote destinations... (link)

Apple App Store (Mar. 9, 2018) APP OF THE DAY

The Guardian (Health & wellbeing, Jan. 6, 2018) "5am ice baths and a strict vegan diet: my year of living (very) healthily" ...a brilliant app called HappyCow. Wherever you are in the world, you just enter your location and up pop all the nearby places serving vegan food. (link)

Washington Post (Travel, Aug. 31, 2017) "How to stick to your vegetarian or vegan diet while you're traveling" ...grown to become the world's top directory of vegan, vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants around the world. (link)

Kat Von D (Twitter) American tattoo artist, model, musician, entrepreneur, and television personality. And yes!! I got to party w @happycowguide which was amazing because the HappyCow app has been a LIFESAVER especially when traveling!

Steve-O (LA Beer Fest) Stunt performer, comedian, and television personality. I love HappyCow. I use it everywhere. Look...I have it on my phone

Robin Quivers (DC Veg Fest) Radio personality / Actress / Author have used HappyCow... it's a great reference point when you're going to a new city.

Tobey Maguire (West Hollywood, CA) Actor. I love HappyCow.

Tia Mowry (US Magazine) Actress. I use this app (HappyCow) to find out the nearest vegan restaurant - Thai, macrobiotic, Japanese - to my location.

Moby (VegNews Magazine interview) Musician. I really credit HappyCow. Every vegetarian or vegan musician I know, they go on tour, and their tour manager knows about HappyCow, and every city they go to, they check it. So they really are sort of the unsung heroes of the vegan world.

Emily Dechanel (Humane Society of US benefit) Actress. I use HappyCow all the time when I travel.

Kathy Freston (Humane Society of US benefit) Author. I always recommend HappyCow.

CNN Travel (Jan. 26, 2012) Vegetarians and vegans often turn to Happy Cow website, which launched in 1999 as a vegan and vegetarian guide to restaurants. The site has grown to include other businesses that cater to the vegan and vegetarian communities, forums and a smart phone app.

Benjamin Zephaniah Acclaimed poet, in an interview for Telegraph UK, "Celebrity Travel" - What do you need for a perfect holiday? "Good vegan restaurants – I find them on – and clubs where I can dance with the local ladies..."

Alicia Silverstone American movie actress and animals rights supporter, at book signing in Santa Monica, California - I use HappyCow all the time.

The Beastie Boys Internationally acclaimed hip hop artists, on their website, - Excellent vegetarian resource.

Heather Mills Actress, model, and business woman, at Natural Products Expo West Convention - I use HappyCow!

Travis Barker Drummer for rock band Blink 182, on Twitter - My fav go-to website while on tour.

Persia White American television actress, In a personal email to HappyCow - I love your website!

Marilu Henner American television actress and vegetarian advocate, in The Kansas Star Newspaper - Marilu Henner says that when she takes a road trip with her two boys, 11 and 13, she checks in with The Web site has a searchable database of health food stores and restaurants with vegetarian options. "We found soy-cheese pizza at the Grand Canyon," Henner says.

The Financial Times (Mar. 22, 2011) "Business traveller: Healthy eating" - Vegetarians in search of information are well catered for on the web with sites such as HappyCow offering tips on where to find non-meat options.

The New York Times (Mar. 18, 2010) "Vegetarian Options in Tokyo" - Helpful Web sites that provide a list of vegetarian restaurants... At the vegetarian-centric site you can search by location (Tokyo included) and get a list of restaurants flagged as "Vegan," "Vegetarian," "Veg-friendly" or “Health Store.

The Wall Street Journal, (Mar. 11, 2008) "Traveling and Eating Vegetarian" - has a thorough and frequently updated guide to vegetarian restaurants and health-food stores in major cities around the world.

France 24 (Feb. 14, 2011) News broadcast website - Specialist site will help you find a vegetarian restaurant in your neighborhood or at the other ends of the earth...


The Daily Record - Scotland Now (Mar. 12, 2022) " Edinburgh named as one of UK's top vegan-friendly city breaks " - ...poll stats and data collated from Happy Cow and Google to find those cities around the UK that are best for those looking to cut down on their meat consumption... (link)

The Washington Post - Climate & Environment (Mar. 9, 2022) " How a lifestyle blogger tries to live sustainably " - ...HappyCow, an app that maps plant-based options worldwide. (link)

The New York Times - Travel (Jan. 21, 2022) "Vegan Travel: It's Not Fringe Anymore" - Happycow, a digital platform for vegan dining, ranks London as the top city globally for vegan dining with more than 150 vegan restaurants, followed by New York, Berlin, Los Angeles and Toronto.(link)

Guardian (Nov. 28, 2019) "London tops list of world's most vegan-friendly cities" - London has been named the most vegan-friendly city in the world for the second year running by online vegan restaurant guide HappyCow.

z (Jun. 28, 2016) "World's hottest destinations for vegans" - Berlin remains Europe's Capital of Vegan, with more exclusively vegan restaurants than any other city on the continent (Prague and Warsaw come in second and third, respectively), according to major vegetarian/vegan website

The Washington Post (Mar. 30, 2016) "Can you maintain a vegan diet while traveling?" - Tips for eating vegan while traveling: 1. Plan ahead. Do your research before hunger pangs hit. HappyCow is an excellent resource for vegan and vegetarian dining spots and health-food stores, as are vegan blogs if you're headed to a progressive city.

The Oregonian & (Jul. 05, 2011) "Going Vegan: Ready for summertime road trip?" - ...a quick perusal of the Oregon listings on (a website that lists veg-friendly restaurants and stores).

Philippine Daily Inquirer & (Dec. 17, 2010) "5 ways to keep your heart healthy this Christmas" - ...log on to for vegetarian restaurants that offer not just salads, but mock meat menus as well.

The New York Times - Business Day (Aug. 9, 2010) "App Smart Extra: Restricted Diets" - HappyCow...has useful mobile apps for owners of Android and Apple devices, as well as those running Palm’s WebOS.

The Gainesville Sun, (Aug. 3, 2010) "Gainesville area has plenty of options for growing number of vegetarians" - ...and with sites, like, you can use to find vegan-friendly restaurants.

Free Press, Detroit (Jul. 4, 2010) "Vegan voyagers: travel takes real planning for those who eat no meat, fish, eggs or dairy" - For international travel, many vegans rely on a Web site called HappyCow ( to alert them to vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants around the world.

The Independent, UK (Jun. 25, 2010) "Are Vegetarians Happier?" - and the European Vegetarian Union provide a comprehensive list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants throughout the world.

The New York Times (Mar. 18, 2010) "Vegetarian Options in Tokyo" - Helpful Web sites that provide a list of vegetarian restaurants... At the vegetarian-centric site you can search by location (Tokyo included) and get a list of restaurants flagged as "Vegan," "Vegetarian," "Veg-friendly" or “Health Store.

High Plains Reader (Feb. 4, 2010) "Vegan Dining in Portland, Oregon" - We researched vegan restaurants on, an on-line guide to vegan restaurants and health food stores around the world. They have Vegi Maps, live chat lines, community forums to exchange information, veggie blogs for inspiration, and vegan recipes.

The Wall Street Journal and (Mar. 11, 2008) "Traveling and Eating Vegetarian" - has a thorough and frequently updated guide to vegetarian restaurants and health-food stores in major cities around the world.

The Kansas Star and News (Sept. 13, 2007) " 'Taxi' Actress Marilu Henner Made Over Her Diet, and Her Life" - Marilu Henner says that when she takes a road trip with her two boys, 11 and 13, she checks in with The Web site has a searchable database of health food stores and restaurants with vegetarian options. "We found soy-cheese pizza at the Grand Canyon," Henner says.

The Capital Times & (Wisconsin - Jun. 2, 2007) "Masters of Mapping" - There are seemingly endless map mashups available on the Web: charts crime information in the city, VegiMaps by pinpoints vegetarian restaurant locations around the country (

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Washington - May 2, 2007) "Net Native: When Diners Speak Up, Restaurants Listen"

Journal Now (North Carolina - April 4, 2007) "Vegetarians using web to help find that special someone"

The Baxter Bulletin & (Arkansas - Apr. 4, 2007) "Versatile Vegetarian: spring for a spring roll" - This recipe from makes a tasty, vegan spring roll...

Rutland Herald (Vermont - Apr. 1, 2007) "SM seeks SF for long walks and lots of leafy greens"

The Washington Post (Feb. 4, 2007) "Specialty Travel Resources" - You're out to conquer the world, one vacation at a time. And to help you along the way, we scoped out niche resources covering 10 popular travel categories, from dietary to pet-friendly. We also sought recommendations from experts in each field. Here are umbrella organizations, travel agents, Web sites and phone numbers to help you plan the Next Great Trip.... The Travel page on the Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide ( includes a guide to vegetarian B&Bs, picks of the world's top five veg-friendly cities and information on health stores and restaurants in 96 countries.

The Journal (West Virginia - Jan.y 23, 2007) "Heart healthful helpings" - Weaver uses the internet to try and find where vegetarian restaurants are in the area and recipes online. He uses

Press & Sun Bulletin (New York - Aug. 13, 2006) "The feeding and care of your vegetarian friends" - Remember eating a vegetarian diet can be challenging. Receiving the right amount of protein and vitamins are important for this lifestyle to stay healthy and clear-minded. Visit for more information on nutrition, where to find organic food products, vegetarian restaurants and even more recipes.

Sacramento Bee (California - Apr. 3, 2005) "Buddhist Flavor in Vegetarian Menu" - Eric Brent, founder of the Web site, which lists vegetarian restaurants and health food stores worldwide, estimates there are about 300 vegetarian restaurants in California and 1,000 nationwide. He said about 4 percent of the U.S. population is vegetarian... Brent said there's been a sharp increase in the number of vegetarian restaurants in the last few years. He estimated that for every vegetarian restaurant that closes, about three or four open to replace it... Unlike San Francisco, which he called a vegetarian mecca, Sacramento "seems to be more of a fast-food taste, more middle-America than New Age like San Francisco," he said.

Argus Leader (South Dakota - Mar. 9, 2005) "Vegetarian Dining: The options are growing in Sioux Falls" - Part of vegetarian dining's attraction is its image of healthier eating. Eric Brent, a spokesman with the Web site, a database of vegetarian restaurants, says looking at vegetarian dining through a prism of nutrition helps more people accept the way of living. "We avoid the vegetarian-as-religion point of view; we started the site to provide healthy choices and healthy food," Brent says. "It's a difficult market. We see pure vegetarian restaurants open and close in only a few months."

The Washington Post (Feb. 20, 2005) "Resources for Vegetarian Travel and Dining" - Happy Cow's Vegetarian Guide to Restaurants and Health Food Stores has listings on every continent.

The New York Times (Dec. 28, 2004) "Keeping Kosher, and Doing it With Some Style" - offers meat-free listings for vegetarians.

The New York Times (Aug. 11, 2002) "More Options For Vegetarians" - The HappyCow's Global Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants (and Health Food Stores) offers similar information using a series of symbols (one to three carrots, depending on price) and sometimes has links to the restaurants's web sites.

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